Gulliver Schools Jobs: Overview

The mission of Gulliver Schools is to provide a superior, personalized college preparatory education fostering well-rounded, successful, lifelong learners. Gulliver is committed to developing the unique gifts and talents of each student in a nurturing environment that promotes academic excellence, innovation, global understanding and character.

Gulliver believes in an environment that fosters excellence in learning, curricular change and innovation, leadership in interschool relationships and participation in the civic affairs of our global community, state, nation and world; therefore, Gulliver selectively employs a knowledgeable, compassionate and innovative faculty.

Gulliver believes in nurturing the character and development of young people. We maintain that regular emphasis on the Honor Code and LifeSkills® promotes an atmosphere in which personal and academic integrity flourish.

Gulliver believes that children learn best within a structured, orderly framework that encourages the collaboration of faculty and parents. Flexibility within that framework accommodates the diverse characteristics of our students.

We further believe that the dynamic process of education can function most effectively in a warm, accepting atmosphere with a close teacher-student-parent relationship. Through reciprocal trust, our students learn the worth and dignity of the individual and develop the ideals of respect for self and others and the importance of participation in a democratic society.

Gulliver Schools Jobs